Overview of Guangdong Province
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GD is a province on the southern coast of China and borders Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions to the South. GD covers 180,000 square meters of land and nearly 420,000 square meters of water with 94 million permanent residents.

The Biggest Economic Province
GD province is now one of the richest provinces in the nation, with the highest GDP among all the provinces. Its nominal GDP for 2011 totals 5.3 trillion yuan (US$861.4 billion), which entitles GD as the first province whose nominal GDP reaches over 5 trillion yuan and has topped China for 23 continuous years.

The Biggest Province on Foreign Trade
GD is also the biggest nation on foreign trade. In 2011 GD’s foreign trade mounts to 913.48 billion dollars accounting for a quarter of the state total, among which export trade mounts to 531.94 billion dollars while the import mounts to 381.54 billion dollars. The surplus is 150.4 billion dollars.

GD Government Highly Values Energy Conservation Work
Holding that Energy Conservation is an internal necessity to GD’s current and future economic & Social development, as well as an urgent need for GD in building an low carbon economy. Meanwhile, GD Government strengthens energy conservation as an important measure to accelerate economic development and improve environment for investment.

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